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Product Finishes

Arcadia offers anodized and painted finishes. You can design with creative color choices from PPG® and Sherwin-Williams®. Ask your Arcadia representative for custom color options.


Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing is a process where aluminum is submerged in electrically charged acid. This creates a chemical reaction that darkens the aluminum, giving it color and creating a very hard surface.

The process and result are somewhat artistic and can create some color variation in the finish and from part to part. If exact color uniformity is desired, a painted finish is a better choice.

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Fluropon from Sherwin-Williams

Fluropon® coatings are field proven, high performance exterior finishes. They provide outstanding resistance to ultraviolet rays, exceptional color retention and resistance to chalking and chemical degradation.

Fluropon is Sherwin-Williams’s flagship metal coatings product and when you need your design to last, Fluropon will exceed all expectations. Its high performance can be traced to its innovative technology. This premium fluoropolymer system contains 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) proprietary resins, ceramic pigments, and other select inorganic pigments.

When applied to metal building components it provides protection against weathering, aging, and pollution that allows your project to endure

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PPG/Duranar Colors

PPG offers a wide variety of other liquid and powder coatings choices for the architectural market.

Proven performance, lasting color and durability. That’s why generations of architects and building professionals have trusted Duranar coatings to protect architectural metal substrates. With Duranar coatings, they know – no matter what the application – they’ll get good-looking, long-lasting results.

All Duranar coatings contain 70% fluoropolymer resin, which is chemically inert to protect your building from environmental stresses. Duranar finishes resist dirt pickup, chalking, fading, and UV degradation. Mineral acids and detergents will not stain Duranar finishes. Adhesion and flexibility are excellent, and the film resists chipping, cracking, crazing, erosion, abrasion and impact.

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Do you have questions about what’s possible for your project? Contact a member of our team for more information about how Arcadia, Inc. can provide the best materials to realize a design.

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